“Kamshat” is among fish industry leaders of Siberian district


“Kamshat" company has been working in the fish and seafood market since 1995. Our primary activity is lake fishery, fish products processing and sale. “Kamshat” company is a large fish processing enterprise with the range of goods numbering more than 500 products (catalogue) and its own fish retail chain. “Kamshat” is among fish industry leaders of Siberian district.


Chany is the largest lake in Western Siberia. Its water is saline and very pure.“Kamshat” company launched a fishery enterprise on lake Chany in 2000. “Kupinsky fish factory”, LLC is an enterprise specializing in lake fishing and lake fish processing (carp, crucian, zander, perch, ide, roach etc.).

“Kupinsky fish factory”, LLC is now a township-forming enterprise for Yarkul settlement of Kupinsky district of Novosibirsk region. Its production capacity is 1000 tons per year. The enterprise has its own trawler fleet, four fish processing areas. The factory is supplied with up-to-date equipment produced by leading German companies: shock-freezers with the capacity of 40 tons per day, finished goods storage room with the capacity of 300 tons. Quality system adhering to all international standards and ensuring high quality of the goods produced is introduced in the enterprise. The enterprise has CES registration numbers for exporting products to the countries of European Community, China. “Kupinsky fish factory”, LLC produces goods with “Kamshat” brand.

“Kamshat” company has been working in the fish and seafood market since 1995. Our primary activity is lake fishery, fish products processing and sale.


Production of “Kamshat” company includes six equipped departments located in:

  • Novosibirsk city (culinary, caviar, semi-preserved fish production, salting-and-smoking departments, fish drying department)
  • Yarkul settlement of Novosibirsk region (natural and chopped semi-finished goods production department).
    Total area of the production departments is 5 000 square m. Production capacity of the departments makes it possible to process 7 000 tons of feedstock per annum. About 400 people work here. All departments are provided with up-to-date equipment produced by the leading world companies. Unique quality control system is developed at the enterprise. It is based on multistage product control system:
  • Control over the production of goods starts at the stage of fishing. Our process engineers go to fishing grounds to assume control over the production of fresh frozen fish which is our feedstock.
  • Further our specialists ensure strict observance of the technology at every stage.
  • The company has its own laboratory which controls production process at all stages – from feedstock, ingredients and accessory materials going into production to finished products.
  • The company gives particular attention to control over sanitary state of processing equipment and industrial environment. Floors, walls and ceilings in the working facilities are made of special nonabsorbent and easy washable materials. All workers are dressed in working clothes, wear no makeup, jewelry and do not use perfume
  • Experienced specialists control all production processes, thus, ensuring high product quality.
  • The company has its own refrigerated van fleet which makes it possible to dispatch goods promptly and to deliver them in accordance with all schedules.

More than 1000 shops in Novosibirsk city offer Kamshat’s products. They are also sold in the shops of other cities in Siberian district as well as in Altai, Yakutia and Kazakhstan.

“Kamshat” company is a large fish processing enterprise with the range of goods numbering more than 500 products and its own fish retail chain.

Retail chain

“Kamshat” factory stores are a unique chain of specialized stores. Our core assortment is fish and seafood. There are ten “Kamshat” factory stores functioning at the present moment.
“Kamshat” stores are unique for the following reasons:

  • Varied assortment – about 1000 fish products:
  • Сooled fish and seafood,
  • Аrozen products (fish, seafood, semi-finished goods),
  • Caviar and caviar products,
  • Fish gastronomy (salads and starters),
  • Hot-smoked and cold-smoked fish, salt fish, dried fish,
  • Tinned and semi preserved fish.
  • Products undergo strict control from catching to selling.
  • The prices are reasonable because the products are delivered to the stores directly from the manufacturer.
  • “Kamshat” stores are designed in such a way that buyers feel comfortable inside our stores and can easily find products they need.
  • Our trained shop assistants can always help you to make a right choice.

All “Kamshat” products meet international quality standards and have code certificates as well as UNISCAN codes. There is a full-time veterinarian at the factory. He assumes control over the adherence of all safety requirements and provides immediate veterinary-covering paperwork.

We are willing to expand our sales geography, to find new partners and suppliers and are ready to maintain long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.